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Vascodigama – a purpose & fun filled voyage

“The purpose of Education system is to bring out the real talent of students.” Mahatma Gandhi

The above profound thought is the soul of the movie Vascodigama, a movie by debutant director Madhuchandra. Vasu aka Vascodigama, is a Kannada lecturer in a college founded by an idealist. Once a famous college is now reduced to a sham thanks not only to incompetent & immoral teachers like Vasu but also to the Principal who himself patronizes gambling ! Vasu is the mentor darling of the backbenchers and helps them routinely get over obstacles like attendance shortages using crooked means. Enter Shanthi (Parvathy Nair) an upright teacher who is devoted & respects her profession unlike her new colleagues. Its love at first sight for our hero in the middle of an anti-devadas workshop ! Shortly after successfully wooing her aided by several staged instances set up by his gang of sidekick students begins the serious portions of the movie resulting in his rebuke.

Around the same time the bluff of the principal is called by the founder who lands unannounced. Seeing the dismal state of affairs & the deep rot he decides to close down the college. Will he really do so ? Will Vasu prove his worth & win back his love ? What are the takeaways from the movie for students & teachers ? The answers to all these lie in the second half of the movie.

Madhuchandra has done an excellent job in lacing a serious message based movie with comedy & commercial elements while screenplay could have been tighter & better. Poornachandra Tejaswi has scored catchy numbers while DOP Karm Chawla fails to impress. Supporting cast led by Suchendra Prasad, Sundar, Ashwin Vijay Kumar among others have done very well in making even some routine scenes enjoyable.Parvathy Nair is well utilized while Kishore proves his mettle yet again & adds another jewel to his crown shifting gears as a comedian,drunkard,mentor,taskmaster with ease. Its a movie which surely deserves a watch while its message needs to be assimilated by the policy makers & syllabus tweakers!

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