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Trunk Movie Review: Film has its flaws, but it’s devilishly frightening

The horror genre is a very tricky one to execute. You need to have all the necessary elements that will scare the audience and you need to make sure you do not make it routine. This striking of a fine line of balance is what sets the difference between a good horror movie and the rest. Trunk manages to scare you and to a large extent impresses you as a horror thriller.

Rahul, a psychology professor falls in love with Harini who is a serial actress. With the blessings of both families they get married and start leading a happy married life. Thier hunky dory life gets disrupted when strange happenings start taking place in the house. All this leads to the trunk brought in to the house by Harini which becomes the root cause of all the problems. What is this trunk? How is it related to Harini? Will the family overcome thier difficulties? To get answer to all these questions, you need to watch the movie.

Sundarashree Gubbi who plays the heroine’s mother delivers a moving performance. Nihal Rajput is realistic on screen and delivers a neat performance. Vaishali Deepak who gets a pivotal role as the female lead seems over expressive at times but she has done a good job in the climax of the movie. Another important feature of the movie is the introduction of the ghosthunters setup. Even though it gives a new feel to the audience, the overall execution has faltered and it ends up as a half hearted attempt. The actors who have played the ghosthunters role were pale and this portion slows down the movie to a large extent. The editing is sleek and the background music is thumping enough for a horror movie. The camerawork and lighting is below par. Coming to director Rishika Sharma, she has done a decent job in her debut directorial and shows sparks of a talent to look out for in future.

Go give this movie a try and it will leave you spooked.

Rating 3/5

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