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Tagaru is a protracted Soori brand crime drama

Tagaru is a protracted Soori brand crime drama

With Shivanna and Soori re unioning after Kaddipudi,expectations were aerial for Tagaru.Did the famed combo really deliver to an ever enthusiatic Shivanna fans and others. Let’s check with this review.


Shivakumar (Shivanna) as a cop hook on to some underworld loutish elements .Among them Dolly (Dhanananjay) and Chitte (Vasistha Simha) does bother him a lot. The tangled narrration that Soori has adoped is intriguing for people who are new to this kind. Shivanna’s fiancee Bhavana does get snarled in the main story . Manvitha as Bhavana ‘s sister ,Devraj as their guardian and villain uncle complete the main characters.


Shivanna has done umpteen crime dramas and this time as a cop showcase him with dominion. But it is Dhanjanjay as Dolly who steals the show with a brilliant performance and possibly his career best acting. Surely Soori has a knack while chosing negative characters. Vasistha Simha as Dolly’s aide has a meaty role as well. This guy has a bass which doesn’t require an accoustic RMS power.Such is his voice.Devraj has an important role and he is sweet in that.Manvitha sharing more than usual screen space for such an intense movie does enrage the audience in the first half.


CharanRaj had already stuck a chord with the songs and couple of them were trending in countdowns. Some of the montage songs did blend nicely with the plot. The back ground music deserve thumping applause to this young kid. He seem to have this unique gift of synthesizing Western classic with local flavour.Not to forget Kaykini’s brilliant lyrics in badukina bannave and Jeeva Sakhi songs. Cinematography by Mahendra Simha is a feast to eyes and editing by Deepu Kumar is nipping.Infact most of these are a trademark of any Soori movie.


Where does Tagaru fit in? Does it portray a classic style of story telling like in Kaddipudi or an action packed bonanza of a cop hunting and nipping goons. Soori seem to have taken a median of these two and tried to gratify his cinema making thirst as well as kept Shivanna fans or rather commercial movie fans in mind. In adopting this approach ,its always touch and go. This is exactly what has happened with Tagaru. Those who are used to daily sops and melodrama’s can feel it bit clumpsy.

Otherwise for it’s raw rendition and inhabitance of vintage Soorisque scenes ,it’s a must watch for all movie buffs.

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