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Tagaru general audience Review by Tejas

The long awaited Gangster -drama hits the screen with blood all over it and so restricting the movie to only adults. Director Suri is back to his genre of raw filmmaking with a PULP FICTION narrative. A few seconds over 129minutes of running time is mostly about connecting the dots for its tremendous non- linear screenplay, grabbing your focus in the second half completely to only make you think, “Really?” in the end with an impression of its own sort.

The ruthless, blood shedding Underworld saga is a huge break for Dhananjaya (Dolly) who has nailed his role as the perfect inhumane gangster on screen and has proven to be at his versatile best. Vasistha Simha is mild terror for both- his voice and performance.
Shivanna is at his natural best with this genre with a passive presence in the first half.
Bhavana, Manvitha and Devraj are all strong fillers.

TAGARU is a treat to all the fans of Shivanna who plays a merciless cop (Shivu) who stills kills it holding the machete. Vasistha (Chitte) is the 1a to Dhananjaya although they both play a complimentary role to each other. Shivu and Dolly’s match up keeps the saga rolling to a classic RAMAYANA end.

Positives : Screenplay, Music and the performance of ShivaRajKumar and Dhananjaya.

Negatives: A non gripping first half to only watch the dots being connected at its own pace.

Let’s hope the sequel (which has already been announced) has its own flavor with a convincing end.

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