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Shivaji Surathkal is a nifty investigative thriller

The title give credit to legendary Agatha Cristie and Arthur Conan Doyle. In the era of OTT, it’s not an easy job for new age directors/writers to write a story on murder investigation and be triumphant with the audience. New ie Akash Srivatsa has put a good effort on writing and once again it proves, how important is the script for any genre of the movie .


In an imaginary place called Ranagiri, a death happens overnight within a resort. Shivaji Surathkal enters the arena to investigate the cause of this death. How he unearth this form the whole story. Interwoven along with the main plot is a parallel track about Shivaji’s past. The director has combined both the tracks quite effectively.


Ramesh in the title role walk away with all honors for pulling off the character. He could justify both as a detective (read Sherlock Holmes) as well as our emotional 90s hero that we are all aware of. In Watsonsque (again Sherlock Holmes influence) character we have Raghu Ramanakoppa who is jovial.  Radhika Narayan as the wife of Shivaji doesn’t have much to ponder.  There is some ensemble casting many of them newbies and all have been effective in their roles.

Akash Srivatsa winning as a writer and a director is the best part of the technical team. The music by Judah Sandy in the BGM department is quite creepy at times and emphatic. The title card track sets a good tone and captures the lush greenery of Madikeri well. Guruprasad as cinematographer does a fair job.


Overall Shivaji Surathkal is a winner in execution and unravelling the mystery with some smart scenes. The entire investigative arena has a good feel to it and the climax does just elevate to a level where the audience can sense a bliss while coming out. A nice watch movie for anyone and a must watch for audience whose staple diet is mystery and suspense thrillers.

 Shivaji Surathkal title does carry an aura about it and hopefully it can come up with sequels in the future

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