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POPCORN MONKEY TIGER – Sugarless Filter Coffee Decoction with Rum !

You walk into a bar all alone filled with Strangers and before you know you get high and it doesn’t matter later you know them because you are one among those strangers. Well this is how you would feel watching the latest movie from Duniya Suri directorial “Popcorn Monkey Tiger”. This movie strictly isn’t meant for larger audience OR the Family audience. But if you really are an artistic movie lover – don’t miss to watch this movie. Duniya Suri who introduced the “Pulp Friction” kind of screen play via Super Hit “Tagaru” has taken the PMT a notch higher and better.

Involves about a youth Seena and his journey with a love failure and few incidents pushing him into crime world – ho wait the movie also offers his struggle with family life as husband too – all this in a realistic format.

Also, parallelly is a distraught lady having caught in a false crime, losing her child to kidnapper and transitioning herself to a self-made woman. And how both these characters relate each other form rest of the plot.

The movie screenplay is fast paced throughout, before you question your mind what just happened there? Another visual is waiting for you to decipher. Only in the second half just when the audience start to feel bit restless there is a moment of Duniya Suri screenplay art waiting for you. Though movie team released just on song – which definitely created some craze with catchy lyrics and music by Charan Raj, rest of the songs makes you feel like monologue along the movie making it part of the screenplay.

The Background score is apt at some places makes you feel you are watching a superhero movie. Every character and sequence in the movie make you feel are watching them in real – even the crowd in the movie feels in real.
The cinematography is shot in the format how Director Suri has visualized – Great job by DOP Shekhar.S in that aspect. The Screenplay is what stands out and both Duniya Suri and Amritha Bhargav can pat themselves on the back for it.
Editing needs a mention here as it’s not easy job to bring such a movie onto a screen. So, good job Editor Deepu S Kumar ! Only place I felt the movie had to have a better transition was at Interval and few minutes post Interval.

Coming the characters Duniya Suri has a peculiar way to name his characters of the movie and here again Duniya Suri doesn’t dissapoint at all. The name “Mooga” holds lots of value to the Character – watch the movie and put your brains to work why i mean this.

Kudos to Dhananjaya for choosing to do this role and living into it which would make an movie critic happy. Rest of the characters have eased into the movie. Among the lady leads – Niveditha has got meat of the role,wonderful job by her in potraying different phase of life as a woman.

All in all – Director Suri has definately teased the audience with his artistic screenplay. There is a place where he metaphorically kills his plans of doing “KaageBangara” movie only to revive at the end of the movie.

There is dialogue into the movie where Tiger/Monkey Seena says if you look into the city – you find “Ghaleej” (Dirt in Kannada) everywhere!
So if you try and find what is in this movie – some might find the “Ghaleej” BUT open your eyes Mahadeva to find pure art of Director Duniya Suri and hey by the way step aside Quentin Tarantino – here comes Duniya Suri.

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