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Pailwaan- A knock out punch entertainer

Pailwaan is one of the most hyped and eagerly awaited movie of the year . It has created a superb buzz with its pan India release too . Does the movie live up to it ? Absolutely.

The story revolves around Krishna aka Kiccha who is an orphan brought up by Sarkar played by Sunil Shetty . Kiccha grows on to become a champion kusti Pailwaan under the guidance of Sarkar . At this time he falls in love with Rukmini , and things take a serious turn in his life because of this and makes him to quit Kusthi. Kiccha goes on to lead a life of hardship in order to support his family . At this time , Kiccha gets a chance to participate in a boxing tournament which promises huge money to support a good cause for him . Kiccha has to face Tony , a ruthless boxing champion who breaks all rules to win . Will Kiccha beat him in the ring and emerge victorious forms the rest of the story .

The first thing that strikes you in Pailwaan is Sudeep’s dedication and efforts which reflects on screen big time. His transformation is fantastic and he is superb as the loyal and lovable kusti Pailwaan and the determined and dedicated boxer . He carries the entire movie on his shoulder and emerges victorious. Akanksha Singh’s debut is sure to win hearts with her good performance. Sunil Shetty adds weight to the movie with his presence . Annappa of comedy Khiladigalu fame is a good find . He plays Sudeep’s sidekick and evokes ample laughter . Sushanth Singh and Kabir Duhan Singh are exceptional as the baddies. The rest of star cast have done their bit too . Arjun Janya’s music is already a hit but it’s his BGM which takes the movie to new level . The climax boxing episode is goosebumps inducing and you will root for Kiccha to win the match against Tony .

Technically , movie is fabulous and the grand making and production values adds to the end product . Pailwaan is sure to entertain you with its perfect commercial entertainment coupled with emotions and dialogues which strike you too . Overall , Krishna has managed to bring his vision on screen perfectly and gives a winner .

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