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Noted Film Writer Manju Mandavya Directing Rocking Star Yash

The Kannada Film Industry will witness one of the most promising story cum dialogue writer, Manju Mandavya, debuting as a director this year. This new age writer has not only worked as an assistant director but is also knowledgeable in making cinema, has his own distinct style and understands what the audience want and like. He has the power of creating a script that sells, a visual that is pronounced and content that is consistent. It is all about the potential waiting to be discovered and the wait has come to an end when Mandavya was spotted by producers Hombale Productions.
Born and brought up in a small village of Mandya, Manju Mandavya has worked as story and dialogue writer for 25 Kannada films. He made his debut as a dialogue writer in the 2006 spiritual comic caper Jaggesh Starrer Mata, and from then on there was no looking back. He has worked under major film makers of the KFI such as Guru Prasad, TN Seetaram, Jacob Varghese etc, His 25th movie was Yash’s Raja Huli, where he wrote dialogues to match to Yash’s persona and heightened Yash’s image along with his own success. He has a reputation for analyzing the story and characters explicitly and working towards meeting the requirements of a box office success whilst keeping the audiences entertained. He will soon be seen directing Rocking Star Yash in his debut for producers who made Ninnindale earlier this year.
There is always an upside to a writer turning into a director, he can execute all kinds of narrative ideas efficiently as he knows best what he wants. Writers see things in a different light, they peel back layers to an ultimate reality.
It is sadly true that there is a dearth of writers in the industry, the writing department almost vanishing. Most of the budding writers are merely writing for existence; they hope that some day they would get a chance to direct and they continue with their efforts till they settle down financially before taking the big decision. Nobody can rule out the fact that if a writer is talented, and if that quality is accompanied by luck, it can get him a chance to direct some day. Manju Mandavya fits this bill. Popular in the fraternity for his hardwork and integrity, his down to earth thinking and realistic dialogue writing, he has impressed many in the past 8 years. His recent works Raja Huli and Savari 2 were terrific and it looks like lady luck has favoured him for a brighter future.
We from wish him luck and success for his new movie with the Rocking Star Yash.
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