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MOVIE REVIEW : Sarkari. Hi. Pra. Shale Kasaragodu – makes you wish to return to your childhood

Sarkari. Hi. Pra. Shale Kasaragodu Koduge: Ramanna Rai is a simple, clean and refreshing watch with a fictional plot.

Well if you have seen the trailer of the movie it pretty much reveals the premise of the movie. Historically speaking Kasaragodu has sizeable kannada speaking population, So the movie offers a hindsight about their way of life and a fictional story of struggle to save a Kannada medium high school in Kasaragodu-Kerala been closed down for someones personal interest. The movie also has a sub plot of childhood infatuation running along the main movie plot.

Undoubtedly the movie limelight is hogged by the kids starring in the movie, each character portrayed by these kids are well defined and makes feel like the kid are being real themselves on the screen. Most of the child artists have been from the reality show “Drama Juniors” and the director seems to have done fabulous job in getting them together and extracting the talent from them. A special note for child artist Mahendra for his comic timing. Also the movie is filled with other lively characters that you get a feel that you probably are watching real life characters and not the reel one – be it Bhujanga, Sebastian Or the school principal Nambiar. Pramod Shetty as Udpadhyaya is apt. Talking about the big name among the cast Ananth Nag was spot on with the role. Also in the cast were Veteran actor Ramesh Bhatt and Director Rishab shetty himself playing a cameo.

The movie soul was its music and theme, but having too many songs would make feel the movie a drag for a normal cine-goer even though the music and songs are very pleasant to hear. One thing the movie really makes you smile through out is its representation of the characters – there is no forced comedy or overboard scenes to make the people laugh, it is just the way of characters and the way they converse makes you feel smile throughout the movie. Another notable technical aspect in this movie that could be observed is the off focus OR keeping in backdrop of the character who is actually uttering the dialogue while the focus is on other character which gives more realistic touch. The camera work in catching the montages of life of people in Kasaragodu has been fab. Background score and music is soulful and pleasant on your ears. Given the fact that it could get sensitive with two states involved even though this is fictional – there is no aspects in the movie which puts both the state or its people in bad taste.

Last Words
This movie while watching surely will make you feel to get back to childhood and wish you had been more naughtier with your friends. Sarkari. Hi. Pra. Shale is no-brainer movie with no twist and turn in plot. But, if you want to refresh yourself with pleasant montage scenes and music along with your kids and family – Do watch it !

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