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MOVIE REVIEW : Ondalla Eradalla reminds of “Punya Koti”

A young boy named Sameera goes in search of this lost pet cow named Bhanu. With social media ablaze with Cow topic, this movie conveys the beautiful story of humans irrespective of caste creed and religion. The Director has shown a imaginative brialliance picking the names Sameera/Bhanu as they both are common name among Hindu and Muslim faith. Hence the plot tangles between a Muslim boy and his family’s affection with the cow and how they go through to find the lost cow. The story has a strong message of unity in diversity and also make you feel to have derived an inspiration from a famous Kannada poem “PunyaKoti”. To put a such a sensitive subject in the beautiful screenplay is what makes the movie must watch.

Debutant Child artist master Rohit, has done a fabulous job. His innocence and affection towards the pet looks realistic on the screen. Others on supporting cast like PrabhuDeva, Nagabhusan, Sai Krishna Kudla, Usha Ravishankar, Triveni M Vasishta has delivered a standout performance. But also at time with too many characters on the screen you may tend to feel some characters were just present for sake of it but thankfully these roles come in and go and hence you may not even make it out evidently.

The DOP Lavith Kumar is worth the mention who done fabulous work by making a simple scene to be appear beautifully on the screen. As camera work and digital colouring is what makes such movie work on screen. The script is neat and precise, with scrip editing it makes it flawless. Music Director Vasuki Vaibhav and Nobin Paul have done a great job on background score. And huge credit to the director, music director and editor on those emotional scenes – gets you involved with it. Dialouges too play their part to make it good watch – specially those one liners.

Final word:
We often are so much into social media which propogates so much false hood of life. Time we watch this movie and be part of it as reality ! Ondalla Eradalla is worth a watch and also take along your friends doesn’t matter even if they don’t know Kannada.

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