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MOVIE REVIEW : Mufti is a fierce crime thriller

Mufti has hit the silver screen today with lot of hype and expectations. The first-time director Nartan who had earlier worked in Ugramm as an assistant director has chosen a crime thriller. Ugramm has attained a cult status among the action loving audience and thus Mufti as well garnered huge expectations. Let’s see how the movie has shaped up.

Bhairathi Ranagal (Dr.Shivrajkumar) is running a virtual government in a whimsical town called Ronapura (remember Mughor of Ugramm) . A police officer Gana (Sri Murali) is appointed to stop Ranagal’s juggernaut. Gana enters Ranagal’s camp in Mufti and attains significant stature. The rest of plot unfolds in his ploy to trap Ranagal. Will he succeed to do this? Is Ranagal a barbaric guy? Catch it one the silver screen to revel in. On a parallel track, Sri Murali does gets his love interest in Raksha (Shanvi Srivastava).

Casting and Technicalities:
Shivanna with this colossal don looks has already created an impression with posters and trailer. He has just carried the role with aplomb. Sri Murali has to be eulogized for waiting for such meaty roles and he just fits the bill perfectly. Shanvi Srivastava, Devraj, Vasishtha Simha and Prakash Belavadi form the rest of the casting. The comedy track of Saadhu Kokila and Chikkanna doesn’t evoke much laughter, but might come as a relief from such an intense plot. Full marks to Nartan, as a debut director he does succeed as the captain of the ship with stunning technicalities. Be it the cinematography by Naveen or music by Ravi Basrur. Editing by Harish Komme is crisp and doesn’t feel stretched at any point. Major USP of the movie is couple of breathtaking action sequences and dialogues that give you tremendous goosebumps. Apart from one or two lousy scenes, overall the screenplay is pretty sturdy. Not adding unnecessary songs does make the length of the movie quite apt.

Mufti has proven to be yet another precedent for making crime dramas/thrillers in sandalwood. A director with vision and solid action heroes are bound to give a quality product. This is exactly what has happened in Mufti.


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