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MOVIE REVIEW: Powerful movies come from a powerful team

In an industry where the directors are content with threadbare formula of hero introduction, love track, a baddie  and means to eliminate them, Prasanth Neel has deviated and hell bent to provide a  screenplay which is adept to the trend around. KGF is all about directorial brilliance in association with a strong technical team.


The powerful Gold mine empire in KGF is controlled by an ailing baron. There are multiple people eyeing his position and how Rocky (Yash) enters KGF and gets entangled form the crux. The entire story is being told by a senior Journalist Anand Ingalagi (Anantnag) to a media editor Sudha Hegde (Malavika).

Casting & Technicalities 

Yash has delivered a top notch performance as a badass Rocky. Ananthnag and Malavika operates in the current timeline and the whole story is narrated by the veteran. Needless to say he looks rock solid. While narrating the story he moves ahead in the timeline on a couple of occasions which is a sheer brilliance of Neel. Some set of audience may tend to get confused with such look ahead scenes. There are tons of baddies in the movie, audience may lose track on the number. Srinidhi Shetty as a heroine and talented Achyuth kumar and Vasistha Simha didn’t have much to do. Hopefully they come into foray in chapter 2.Ravi Basrur is always in vogue for his brilliant background score and yet again he delivers a punching performance. The situational songs in the movie does pass the muster. Editor Srikanth and cinematographer Bhuvan have given their best which is visible across all the frames.

Verdict & conclusion

Whilst the first half of the movie gives all puff about how Rocky enters KGF, Prasanth and his team’s visual artistry comes into display in the second half.  The slick editing and continual introduction of characters does give a feel of Uggram, Neel’s earlier venture. The visuals in the mining area are world class and the addition of some emotional content here may not be captivating enough, but does enough for the audience to get connected.  The climax does take a sharp and moves ahead at top gear and within no time the end credits start with the chapter 2 in the offing. A perfect end to a perfect cinema. Plaudits to Hombale and the entire team for a tremendous KGF Chapter 1. Needless to say, all eyes and ears open for Chapter 2.

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