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MOVIE REVIEW : Colorful display of love with #Chamak

When #Chamak teaser released it had a stamp of Simply Suni’s naughtiness written over it, the movie though gives a #Chamak with the content it has to offer.

Story :

The story line of course is as simple as the director Simple Suni which falls into a RomCom genre, what works for the movie is the refreshing smooth screenplay through out. The story revolves around the lead pair bowing down to pressure of marriage from family, it proceeds with predictable #Chamak turn of events and how the turn of events end forms the later half of the story. 


Acting : 

Actor Ganesh is spot on with his acting, looks uber cool playing the role of a playboy Doctor and really excels in emotional scenes. Actress Rashimka Mandanna surely surprises with the contrasting role in the movie. Ganesh and Rashmika Mandanna chemistry works as chilled fizz full cool drink. The supporting characters are apt with acting and without having overdone any where. The #Chamak factor is Sadhu Kokila, who gets more of character role along with comedic role to change the course of the movie in later half of movie


Music : 

Music also plays into the soul of the movie. Songs are refreshing and makes you feel like hearing it often after having watched the movie. The background score too is smooth and goes good with movie genre of RomCom. Judah Sandhy deserves pat on back for giving some refreshing songs.


Technicalities :

Right from the word go, the movie holds your attention and the movie is like walk in breezeful park with its screenplay. Often in movie the screenplay gets hampered with wrong song placement and comedy scenes – but Director Suni has this base covered brilliantly as the song and comedy scenes feel part of the movie than a bonus or a hindrance. Movie like these make or break mostly on editing table – it becomes important for a romcom genre and we feel lot has been into editing work and full marks on that to Editor Manu Shedgar. The camera work is again good with eye candy scenes. 

The production richness is very much clear on the screens, so it should tell about the work/effort which art work and dress designer team has put in. 

Frankly it’s hard for critic to say and for any director to accept when a movie lacks in something, But as critic have to say this is by far Suni’s best directorial  – the movie has all right emotions in right quantity to make a good watch.


Final words : 

The movie has no elevating machoism or heroism scenes, it is a beauitful display of human emotions, what is required in a love story. Handling a romcom genre is a very tough job and surely Director Suni has done justice to it. And to put in simple words – do watch this movie for a good packed entertainer and yes if you are in love, engaged or married you would want to watch it with them 🙂   


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