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MOVIE REVIEW : The heist lays under “BELL BOTTOM”

It all starts with a teenager Diwakara fantasizing of being a real life Detective as he is sheer inspired by the thrill of suspense while reading detective novels and watching detective oriented movies. But alas just like any other in yesteryear his father has a different plan for him.

Detective Diwakara succumbed to his father’s pressure ends up as Police constable much to frustration of not being able to work on actual cases. And one such day he gets to work on murder case which he ends solving in quick time to everyone’s astonishment and appreciation. But, a bigger case awaits – what is the case ? would he be able to solve it ? Would he be able to get to the BOTTOM of this case ? forms the rest of the story and thrills along the viewers.

The movie has so many characters to offer and standout through out the movie is of course our Hero Detective Diwakara played by Actor Rishab Shetty. Rishab Shetty has brought out good performance as an actor in him as Detective Diwakara had wide range of emotions with being funny and serious at the same time. Actress Haripriya gets to play a very uncanny and feisty role as Kusuma and excels in it. The movie also boasts of lots of characters who have done descent job with it. Aychuth Kumar as Constable Annappa father of Diwakar has done notable performance. Pramod Shetty as Inspector Shahadeva is spot on. Other character role which stands out is Yograj Bhat as Mara Kutika and Sujay Shastri as Sagani Pinto.

Director Jayathirtha gets onto detective thriller post Tony, While the movie completely banks on story and screenplay it has to offer, the screenplay though could have been tighter and crisper at places. While the movie doesn’t boast on breath taking visuals but looks neat on the screen for a retro style and crisp editing does add onto the good presentation of the movie. And one thing puzzles us is why Director choose the retro format to present this movie ?

The movie has to offer limited option with just a song as its Detective genre however the song is absolute romantic and pleasing to hear in Vijay Prakash voice and Ajaneesh’s magical music. Background score plays neat along with the movie.

The movie does has its loopholes when one accounts for explaining the logic, however the movie offers a new style of detective story to tell and that’s what ticks with the audience. Do give a watch to get a feel of “DEVIL’s BREATH” !

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