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MOVIE REVIEW : “6ne Maili” milestone is it’s narration

The journey of “6ne maili” started off with gripping narration and did set up premise for what could have been a thrilling ride , only to feel bit cliche towards the end as the story unravels.

The movie starts with past narration of Naxal infested area of Dakshina Kannada district and a sequence of events by the naxalites leading to few causalities. Then moves into the present day narration of group of trekkers visiting the same place which had Naxal history to it. But, on the way to reach their trekking destination the trekking team vanish leaving the viewers in gasp and all sorts of questions raising in minds. What follows is again a past narration of actual first team of trekkers who take the same route and in similar suspicious way.

What had happened to the first team of trekkers , the second team of trekkers and what has the Naxal thread of the story has got to do with these missing trekkers forms the concluding part of the movie.

The star cast had noted names such as National Award Winner Sanchari Vijay, RJ Nethra and RJ Sudhesha. Otherwise the movie was loaded with many supporting characters to fit into the story and narration. The movie was so much based on narration and story that it didn’t give much scope for the actors in glorification of the roles. Good thing about this movie was every character or the actor in the movie is made to feel part of the movie and has their screen presence felt – be it from road side food stall cleaner to every cop in the movie.

The movie could have been presented much better with production riches while we aren’t sure if it was limited budget it made the movie so. Music and background by Sai Kiran score just suits along the narration of the movie. At certain places the background was good (at the tittle card) but at places it fell flat. The movie had just one song of tittle track which is passable. Editing could have been lot crisper and sleek, during the second half of the movie the usage of repeated scenes (flashback and again usage of same scenes in tittle song) of the movie makes you feel the drag in narration for those few minutes. Though the director SeeNi seems to have made honest attempt to give a good thriller movie – but movie lacks to create a needed intensity at places in second half of the movie like the scenes where police land up to pick a swimming instructor and following police interrogation scenes. Humour of the movie isn’t rib tickling at the most would just bring you some rare smile. The dialogues of movie too are very less cinematic, it is the dialect of Kannada of Dakshina Kannada region that gives a refreshement in hearing dialouges.

Last Words
6ne Maili though doesn’t boast about a great story to tell, but what keeps the audience engaged is its narration till the end. While we wouldn’t say it is must watch movie but is good enough for one time catch.

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