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Lethal Combination of Suri-VHK-SatyaHegde set to strike

Kendasampige, which is releasing on 9/11, is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. There are many reasons as to why it is.

First and the foremost reason , of course is the director Suri. The man stormed into KFI with his realistic ‘Duniya’ which changed the dynamics of the industry along with ‘Mungaru Male’, a decade back. It also gave birth to a new star Vijay who still is called Duniya Vijay. Suri’s journey later has had a lot of ups and downs and is very interesting as well. He did ‘Inthi Ninna Preetiya’, which was again very dark and intense, but was a box office flop, nevertheless now its considered a cult classic. Later he changed course and produced commercial potboilers like ‘Junglee’, ‘Jackie’ and ‘Anna Bond’. However, apart from Jackie, which is amongst the biggest hit of Puneeth Rajkumar, the others were average, at the box office. He then teamed up with the veteran Shivarajkumar, and gave ‘Kaddipudi’ which again was an below par financially but got a big thumbs up from critics & a section of the audience, gaving a hint as to the return of vintage Soori.

Lets leave aside all these box office discussions for a moment. What makes Suri really stand apart is the way he composes his movies. The shots, the props, the gory undercurrent, painting-like frames, the characterizations of each artists, the weird names and themes, haunting background music, breathtaking camerawork, so on and so forth. And that is what Kendasampige promises to offer in abundance, if the trailer, posters, songs are any indication. After a long gap, Suri has again chosen newbies in this movie as hie lead pair. Story is said to be inspired by a true police case, which Suri calles the Ginimari case. Trailer hints at the movie being an edge of the seat thriller.

The album of Kendasampige is a huge hit already with the music connoisseurs as all songs are soothing melodies boasting of highest lyrical quality. The title song which plays with the names of flowers titillates our senses, while Ilijaru Hadiyali gives a hint about the dark journey the couple in the movie are about to take. If not known earlier, these songs and their picturization underline the fact that music director Harikrishna and cameraman Satya Hegde give their best in Suri films.

All these factors have made KFI fans wait in bated breath for this film. With many Kannada movies this year being successful, onus is on Kendasampige to carry on the good work of its predecessors. With combination of Suri, Satya Hedge, and Harikrishna we believe its most likely to happen.

NamCinema wishes all the very best to Maestro Suri & his debutant leads Vicky & Manvintha.

Adithya B S for

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