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Flavours of Hollywood in namma Sandalwood

RangiTaranga translates to colourful waves in our native kannada. True to its colourful waves (Click here to watch the trailer) the movie offers colourfulness with its music, making, background scores, the characters which appear in the trailer – it has really impressed the audience and so did censor board when they viewed it for certification.

What also impressed us was the Hollywood flavour of cinematography in our very own Kannada movie – And the man behind this is Lance Kaplan. Well just because a man from hollywood doesn’t always mean its great – you ask ? Do please read on the full article as why it make special when a technician from far away comes into our land and gives his best of works – that just shows about a passionate man.

Lance is an established D.O.P (Director of Photography) in Hollywood. Before starting his work on RangiTaranga, Lance had worked on 7 Hollywood feature films, commercials for top brands worldwide and on Music videos.

Lance had earlier worked with Anup on his international award winning short film “Words”. During filming of the short Lance was impressed with Anup’s ability as a director, his grasp on the art of screenplay writing and his narrative style. When Anup offered him the opportunity to work as D.O.P in his first feature film to be shot entirely in India, Lance decided to take on the challenge in spite of the fact that the film was being shot in a language that was alien to him.

During shooting of RangiTaranga, Lance made it a point to learn Kannada to an extent that he could have work related conversation with the unit boys who knew only the local language. Lance also maintained a database of all technicians on the set which included their names along with their photos.

Infact Lance fell in love with Indian food and would insist on having the same food that was being served to rest of the cast and crew. Also RangiTaranga is a mystery thriller that unfolds in some of the exotic locals, the unit had to shoot in some unfriendly locations that was difficult and dangerous at the same time. Though the production ensured the safety of all unit members and provided them with all required safety gears, there would be instances of variety of fauna visiting the location from time to time. Lance overcame all the physical and emotional hardships (since he was thousands of miles away from his family) to can some of the most beautiful shots ever to be seen on the Kannada silver screen

Also working along with Lance was William David, who worked as the co-D.O.P in RangiTaranga. William has experience in working in Kannada, Hindi and all other leading Indian regional industries.He has worked on few films, commercials for top Indian brands, live studio shows with Sonu Nigam and other leading singers and corporate films.

William is known for his death defying acrobats behind the scenes, he is willing to go to any extent in order to ensure he delivers the shot as it is imagined by his Director. He would find some humanely impossible spots to place his camera and achieve brilliant output while ensuring the safety of his equipment which he values more than his life.

William exuberance would drive the unit boys in ensuring the schedule is on track. Lance and William have brought in the best of both worlds and the result of their hard work will be on display when Kannada audiences catch RangiTaranga in theatres.

Kannada Film Industry is flooded with talents of late for good – for long there was a urge when would outside world take a note of our movies in terms of its quality in screenplay and content – in past movies like Lucia, Ullidavaru Kandanthe set the trend of being world cinema though retaining our local feel to the movie and clearly RangiTaranga is on its way to be Namma Kannada World Cinema

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