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AUDIO REVIEW : Youthfulness filled in “Ranna” music

Director Nandakishore / Arjun Janya and youth-friendly-vibrant numbers are synonymous to each other as illustrated with humungous musical hits Victory & Adyaksha. However this time Nandakishore pairs with hit machine V Harikrishna.“Ranna” rides high on expectations with a tremendous star cast led by Sudeep coupled with teaser songs that has created a solid buzz around it.

Dr.V.Nagendra Prasad has delivered a series of punchlines in Babbar Sher vociferously sung by Devi Sri Prasad. This soundtrack is addictive right from the prelude lines and is sure to thrill listeners & emerge a chart topper for 2015.

Who else Bhat Yogaraj could have thought of lines like “… answer ondhuu bekidhe seere transparentuu yaak idhe… ” sung by Vijay Prakash in a voice bordering on naughtiness adding a certain element of cuteness to the composition,this is one more instantly likeable song.

Thithili thithili a pacy number, with K.Kalyan penning the lines.The arrangements & rendering around the title words sound very impressive however the song lacks in consistency inspite of having highs during the tehcno sounds in between. Though Tipu & Sangeetha Ravindranath try to lift the song, orchestration seems heterogeneous.

Nandakishore & Yogaraj Bhat have given us stupendous hits through their “bottle” songs and we have yet another here in the form of What to do again sung by Vijay Prakash.Apart from the title line, the song has a very unconventional compositional and may take time to grow upon the listeners.

The timeless Sri Purandara Dasa composition Jagadoddharana is presented to us in the voice of Vani Harikrishna and Kaarthik in a impressive bit song followed by Theme, a short chorus filled with Spunk & energy true to its purpose in the album & movie.

With two brilliantly composed numbers brimming with youthful energy and rest decent ones that may growt in sync with the visuals Ranna comes across as a solid album on the whole with good mass appeal.

Nam Rating 3.5/5

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