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AUDIO REVIEW : Siddhartha

I can go the extent of saying that Vinay has got the best luanchpad as for as the music is concerned, compared to other three heroes in the family.

Rating – 4.5/5
Anand, chiranjeevi Sudhakar and Appu happened under a gruelling guidance of Dr.Rajanna and Varadanna. These brothers had that unique knack to conceptualize the movie on the screen. Be it the script, direction, music etc. No wonder Dr.Raj banner has given some memorable movies to Sandalwood. Now in today’s era, when they are absent, it’s a huge mantle on Raghanna to carry on that legacy, whilst Shivanna and Puneeth are dedicated to full time acting. Vinay Rajkumar is being launched with huge expectations as the Generation 3 is making it’s first appearance. All the debut movies that I mentioned above had stunning music from Shankar Ganesh,Upendra Kumar and Gurukiran respectively. How does Vinay’s Siddhartha fair in this department? Let’s review the music here. The music is composed by V.Harikrishna and all the songs are penned down by Jayanth Kaikini.

1.) Free ide :

The album kicks off with this number mainly in the rock category, more obvious since Vinay portray the character of a guitar artist in the movie. It has a mix of rythm, bass and beats. Those who are used to listening regular American and British music would affirm this blindly. Armaan Malik , a new generation kid has sung this song.

2.) Jaadu maadidante :

This is a confluence of melody and fast tempo rythms at the stanza part. At the para part, it slips into typical Harikrishna melody. The fresh voice of Armaan Malik has once again made this song bewitching.

3.) Acchaagide :

In this number, the para part starts from a slow tempo and gets spurred down the line complemented with the vibrant beats. This is a popular approach in many of the western songs today. Harikrishna has worked pretty hard to study this genre and has executed the by pricEchop”>jobin a stupendous manner. The tune and the tick gels so well. This is the only song which has a female artist Archana Ravi in the picture. She has complemented well alongside this kid Armaan again. The male artist has the dominating portions of the song though.

4.) Ninninda dooragi :

This is a special number from Raghu Dixit. This rare gem who was absent from Sandalwood after Just maat maatalli is back with a bang. The song is so reminiscent of his tunes from Just maat maatalli. I reckon it’s just a synchronism based on the tune. But my word, Raghu Dixit will take you to a whole new world with his singing. The way he elevates the pitch at various parts of stanza and para is astounding.

5.) Ninna nenape :

Finally we arrive at a classic Harikrishna-Sonu Nigam-Kaikini which most of us are used to it for the past so many years. Nevertheless the tune sounds pretty fresh and melodious. It’s a good addition to an otherwise atypical kannada album.

6.) Goa song :

A bit song with lot of Portguese/Goan fusion seen in any of the Goa related chorale.Nothing much to write home about this one .

At the end of the day, can’t term which is the best song, as each of the five can compete out each other. Probably after Mungaru Male and Milana we have not seen any album which has a complete package,easily the best music album after those movies. In the recent past,V.Harikrishna had turned so strereo typed (with Yograj Bhat lyrics,his singing,Sonu Nigam melody),probably Siddartha has proved what he could achieve with more hardwork and working with right set of people. In this regard, both Raghanna and Prakash have passed out in flying colors as for as extracting the work out of this master. This album will give all the necessary bias to the movie.

A word on Jayanth Kaikini : the lyrics of the album doesn’t enthuse you conspiciously.But then,the genre of the album is such that,it’s pretty much consummate with the right ingredients. I can go the extent of saying that Vinay has got the best luanchpad as for as the music is concerned, compared to other three heroes in the family.

Nam Rating : 4.5/5

Gopinath Agrahara for Namcinema

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