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AUDIO REVIEW : RangiTaranga

Music Composed By : Anup Bhandari
Movie Directed By : Anup Bhandari
Movie Cast : Nirup Bhandari, Radhika Chethan, Others
Movie Produced By : HK Prakash
Album : Lahari


I would like to write this first as its huge list of songs which has come in recent terms and so before someone doesn’t reach till end here is short and sweet summary for you – This Album deserves be brought from stores, as each and every song of this album is very refreshing. There is influence of music from all parts of world – Carnatic, Yakshagana, Folk, Rajasthani and even celtic as well. Very rich in lyrics and must appreciate the singers for carrying it out so well.

Every song is good in its own way that picking a “Pick of the album” is really tough, below is the complete Music album review of Rangi Taranga

[box type=”info”]Nam rating 4/5[/box]

Akka Pakka 
Singer(s) : Anup Bhandari, Suchitra Latha
Lyricist : Anup Bhandari

The song has Bollywood retro and Salsa feel to this song musically, the lyrics of the song are absolutely tongue twisters and the recitation of the song with so many tongue twisters could be a challenge for any singer and Anup has really carried it well. Suchitra Latha too does her part good in the small section of the song she sings. As lyricist and singer Anup surely has excelled. Also a Karoke version is available for this song go on try singing the tongue twisters

Kele Cheluve
Singer(s) : Vijay Prakash, Anup Bhandari, Deepika T
Singer(s) – Yakshagana version : Satish Patla, Bhagavatar, Anup Bhandari, Deepika T
Lyricist : Anup Bhandari

The song version sung by Vijay Prakash has a fusion of Rajasthani and Carnatic music. It is high pitched recitation and is beautifully carried by all singers. The second version is in Yakshagana recitation sung by real yakshagana singer and musicians.A lot of thought has gone into the lyrics here as well. If I have to pick my favorite lyric bit in the whole album it is when the hero is praising her non stop and she refuses to acknowledge by saying “Ninna maathina pravahadalli, sullina prabhava chelli, hogalike nee surivaga, nambalu aaguvude”

Ee Sanje
Singer(s) : Abhay Jodhpurkar, Gokul Abhishek, Monisha
Lyricist : Anup Bhandari

A slow and melodious song of the album. Its a kind of song where you would want take a guitar and stream along while you sing. Abhay (of Kadal fame) singing is refreshing in this song and impressive. Usually its very difficult job to have a listener listening to such slow number but the voice of Abhay coupled with some good music and lyrics just makes one to listen till it ends.

Nee Kele Vadhuve
Singer : Deepika T
Lyricist : Anup Bhandari

This song gives that good old Kannada folk song touch. Seems this is a situation song where friends of bride are trying to pull around in jovial mood. Deepika has done wonderful job as singing. This song again has some interesting use of praasa. There is also a nice jugal bandhi between Nadaswara and Sarangi in the interlude

Singer : Inchara Rao
Lyricist : Anup Bhandari

Interesting thing about the song is usage of word Ka, most of the words in this song goes with ka – this needs a lot of thoughts and imagination to make it lyrically sound good. The music gives a celtic flavour to the song which makes it very exotic. Inchara Rao has done god job and her voice suits perfectly to the song.

Dennana Dennana
Singer(s) : Supriya Raghunandan
Lyricist : Sadananda Suvarna, Sudhakar Saaja

This song from Mr. Sadananda Suvarna, the director of Guddada Bhoota – a popular serial. The film has updated that this has been used only after getting right from the director. The song recitation has been kept original for first part, later the song is bit westernized choir group singing in the chants. There is also a flute version to this song played by Bhutto.


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