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AUDIO REVIEW : Rana Vikrama

Music Composed By : V Harikrishna
Movie Directed By : Pavan Wadeyar
Movie Cast : Puneeth Rajkumar, Adah Sharma, Anjali and Others
Movie Produced By : Jayanna – Bhogendra

Rana Vikrama released its album without much folkfare on this Ugadi and here is Nam Cinema review of the album.

Rana Vikrama 
Singer(s) : Kunal Ganjawala, Santosh Venky
Lyricist : Pavan Wadeyar

Title track starts off with lyrics which is borrowed from Shivanna starrer “Ranaranga” (sung by Dr.Rajkumar). Kunal Ganjawala who has sung many melodies to Puneeth movies now gives this power packed massy song. The song it seems would be back ground track to the pre-climax scenes. With apt music from V Harikrishna it would be treat to watch in on big screen with some power packed scenes.

Neene Neene
Singer(s) : Puneeth Rajkumar, Palak Muchhal
Lyricist : Kaviraj

One of the melody and would have many of listeners vote this as pick of the album on first listening. Though Palak has a short sing in the song, but her voice gives icing on the cake with the pleasant flow of the song. Puneeth is good and the song sure reminds of his song Guruvara Sanje. V Harikrishna music sounds a bit fresh in this song. Kaviraj lyrics is simple and makes way to the singers and musician to give us smooth feeling song.

Airdellu Airchillu
Singer : Vijay Prakash
Lyricist : Pavan Wadeyar

The song though seems easy on lyrics but needs those high pitched lines and dramatic effect which Vijay Prakash has done a good job. V Harikrishna delivers descent enough music and some time into the song, there is a rock bit music which is very well composed. Also this song reminds of “Kathlalli Karadige” song.

Gowri Gowri
Singer(s) : Karthik, Priya Himesh
Lyricist : K Kalyan

For us this seems to be the pick of the album. The song though needs some multiple listening to have the feel of the song sink in. Expecting some good visuals on screen which I am sure would help this song to go a notch higher. Karthik and Priya are good with some descent music. Seems the song has touch of retro and good old rural feel to it. K Kalyan has given best song of the album on lyrical wise as well.

On the whole this is short album considering its Puneeth Rajkumar movie. But, then there should be reason as its likely that the movie stands on the screenplay and adding songs would probably drag the screenplay – a wise decision. Though don’t expect it to be musical hit but sure is enough is a good album to have it on your playlist.


[box type=”info”]Overall rating 3.5/5[/box]

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