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AUDIO REVIEW : Mr and Mrs Ramachari

The last couple of movies starring Yash has been wholesale entertainers as well as money spinners catapulting him to the verge of Super Stardom. The music of Mr & Mrs Ramachari has been scored by Star Music Director & massively bankable V Harikrishna. Yash – VHK combination is still basking in the glory of mega sucess of music as well as movie Gajakesari due to which not only will VHK skills be pushed to the limit, but his versatility and adaptability will be tested more than ever.



The opening track Yaralli soundu maadodhu is a statement of intent ! It’s got VHKs typical ‘intro+heroism’ stamp all over it. Right from those stunning drum arrangements that awaken your senses, to the flavors that create a imaginary feel about the kind of protagonist we are looking at. The lyrics by director Santosh Anandram has a few colloquial phrases which makes listening more interesting. Singer Ranjit proves his mettle yet again & seems indispensable for this genre of songs.

Moving on to the title track Mr and Mrs Ramachari, surprise awaits the listeners as it opens to soft female chorus followed rapidly by pacy beats setting the tone for this  pacy and energetic song that will evoke many positive passions pertaining to the trials & tribulations of the between the lead pair. Ace director A.P.Arjun has penned catchy lines for this song while Tippu has sung in his inimical style.

Is any major production possible without Sonu Nigam & Shreya ? Ofcourse not!  Upavasa ee kannige has YBish lyrics from talented writer & soon to be director Ghous Peer. Evocative vocals from these magical singers seamlessly latch onto the rhythm transporting the listeners to their fantasy. However this song is lacking novelty & unlikely to create the infectious craze VHK-Sonu-Shreya has generated umpteen times in the past.

Yenappa Sangati Keli Ondchuuru buddhiya heli starts off on a very peppy note with Tippu again in his elements. However beyond the first few lines the song fails to capture our attention in-spite of seemingly fresh beats punctured by wind instruments and imaginative keys inbetween the charanas.However the lines sung in a low & super slow voice twitches our ear – Yaaru kuda eega beda Preethi mundhe yella sappe !

Rajesh Krishnan has delivered one of the finest songs in Yash career through Bisilu Kudure in Googly. He is back with Kaarmoda Saridhu here, with his trademark vocals which is surely going to be an instant hit with his fans. Our attention will simply be captivated by the instruments and vocal elements of the piece.Ghous Peer strikes gold again with a charming play of simple words but heavy in meaning.

The song every is waiting to hear, Annthamma sung by Yash himself forms the last track of the album but one of the best! Tailor made lyrics & tune spiced with involved & emotional style of singing makes Yash a Rocking Singer too ! Who else but Yogaraj Bhat can come up with “Novalle nemdhi jaasthi..hinge idhbudla naanu ?” With some impressive low light visuals of this song shown in bits with the making video, NamCinema is sure AnnThamma will become another AnThem !

Overall Ramachari is an exciting and diverse soundtrack that deserves to be bought & listened repeatedly to be completely appreciated. Having said that Yaaralli, Title song & Annthamma is sure to be liked in the first hearing itself. While the rest will grow with time and their respective picturisation in the movie.V.Harikrishna further cements his place at the Zenith & shows yet again as to why he is the ‘Go-to’ Music Director for most Star movies !

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