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AUDIO REVIEW : Mr.Airavata music album is for the fans

Challenging Star Darshan starrer “Mr.Airavatha” released its music on 16th August in Mysore, as this is one of the big releases this year, come lets see how does the album fare.

Music Director : V HariKrishna

Song : “Mr.Airavatha”
Singers : Ranjith, Santosh Venky, Chintan Vikas, Shashank Sheshagiri
Lyrics : A P Arjun

True to the standard format, it has become very common these days to have song praising out the protagonist and seems is must in almost all of the albums. Mr.Airavatha serves just the same in this album. Though trendy enough with the music, but one would feel there similarity at  start of the song with Agadu title track. The singers have done well as pack, the song in terms of lyrics or music doesn’t really challenge the singers to explore much. The lyrics is really just flat out with words of praises and collection of old Darshan starrer movie names.

Song : “There was a Ajji”
Singers : Hemanth
Lyrics : Yograj Bhat

Well no surprises that the lyrics comes from Yograj Bhat – but suprising on the words “There was a Ajji”, seems the song might bring out justice on the choice of words after having seen the movie, so will shall wait for it. Hemanth is as smooth as possible, good with his voice modulations. Coming to music we get to feel the music is just fast version of “Nile Nile Kaveri” for BulBul which again is Darshan starrer movie and V.HariKrishna giving the same music. Must say it was disappointing to expect this rehash of music from his earlier album.

Song : “Ka Thalakattu”
Singers : Indu Nagaraj, V.HariKrishna
Lyrics : Yograj Bhat

Again a typical Yograj Bhat lyrical song, some tounge twisters and well handled by the Singer. However Indu Nagaraj seems to have tried too much to give a retro feel at start of the song and makes one feel the rendition is not smooth but the later the voice seems to ease out rendition gets a lot better. Not really sure if this rendition was a deliberate effort by the singer and the music direction. The music is typical music format with “Thamaate beats” of V.HariKrishna.

Song : “Gudi Mele”
Singers : Shashank Sheshagiri, S Sunitha
Lyrics : A P Arjun

Has a folk song feel, however the music does remind of song from “S/O Sathyamurthy”. Lyrics and singing is like rapping with the local feel and touch and also suprising that this is second such song with the “Thamaate beats” in this Album.

All in all very ordinary music album of V.HariKrishna, surprises that he gave a superb music album in Kenndasampige and now this. Anyways it is often seen that most movies don’t relay much on its music, so seems Mr.Airavatha would fall in that genre as the songs doesn’t really impress with any lyrical beauty or with its musical magic. The album would be good among the fans but might not with the group which seeks musical pleasure.

Nam Rating : 3/5

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