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AUDIO REVIEW : Jessie’s music is truly gift of love

Song: Malgudiya Oorali
Singer(s): J Anoop Seelin
Lyrics: Pavan Wadeyar, Nanda(Coorg Dilect)

The album starts with this catchy song. It has quite a liveliness and peppiness evident through out the song be it music, lyrics or singing. The good part though is we had enough of Heroism based rap songs so far – this song which is based on leading lady which is quite unique and refreshing. Kudos to Anoop Seelin in handling both music and singing which complements very well. And yes must be frank while we don’t understand much of Coorgi lyrical which comes in the song – its adds nice touch to the song.

Song: Male Banthu
Singer(s): Haricharan, Samanvitha Sharma
Lyrics: Pavan Wadeyar

Nice song to follow up, must say pick of the album. The Lyrics is quite simple and sweet but the music from Anoop Seelin lifts the song to make it very special song. Haricharan and Samanvitha Sharma singing is melodious, usually there is sort of drag feeling with the pace of song while listening to melodious songs but this song doesn’t give you that feeling at all. Absolute beauty here we must say with the song. Can’t wait to see visuals of the song.

Song: Maye ninodhu maye
Singer(s): Siddharth Belmannu, Chitra
Lyrics: Jayanth Kaikeni

Well we have heard a quite lot of Jayanth Kaikeni lyrical which is musically quite soft and suave, unlike most of it this song has a rock touch to it – something very different tried there. Siddharth does good with this limited opportunity in the song, as Chitra who is the soul of the song has done good job. The song though might connect at fist listing as its seems a situational song in the movie, with visuals we think the song would be better viewed.

Song: Modhala notadhale
Singer(s): Haricharan, Samanvitha Sharma
Lyrics: Rohith Padaki

A relatively fast paced song in the album, but yet has a mildness maintained through out with its music and singing. Yet again Haricharan has done good job with singing and Samanvitha Sharma with limited opportunity has done descent job. Lyrically this would be our pick of the album.

Jessie Music on whole is really Gift of Love. We surely have fell in love with the album and would really recommend to have it your music playlist when love is in air. How we wish the Album had more songs to offer.

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