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Arjun Janya is having a sine wave kind of graph for his last few movies. He was a genuine winner in Manikya and Adyaksha but looked a bit pale in Superro Ranga ,Abhimanyu and Simhaadri. Nonethless he has come back with a bang in Dove. This youthful movie marks the debut of famous personality Sa.Ra.Govindu’s  son Anup into sandalwood. The movie has the direction from  Alemari fame Santu and the lyrics of all songs are penned by him as well.

Let’s venture into reviewing the music album –

1.)    Ello Nan Dove :

The album kicks off with this Puneeth’s   song. Needless to say Appu adds lot of exuberance to this otherwise customary song. Nevertheless segments of the song could still mollify some sections of the youth.


2.)    Heegu Irabahude :

One of the two finest melodies of the album.It has  a male and female version  sung by Chandan and Vani Harikrishna respectively. The number has that tranquilizing impact which ooze with lot of freshness. Lyrics aren’t much to write home about, but Arjun Janya deserve all credit.


3.)    Hello Hello :

As a customary practice (seen in every album),Arjun Janya himself has voiced this one. This is a number which runs at an average pace, but the tune is reputable enough to hook on to the listener. Thus this number is a winner in all sense.


4.)    Haalade Haalade :

The other melody that I referred earlier. This is sung by emerging star Karthik. Arjun Janya’s ludicrous composition is ably complemented by passable lyrics from Suni. The song could top the charts along with Heegu irabahude.


5.)    Miss call Manji :

Yet another Arjun Janya , a singer seen in this song. This one seems to be inspired from many of his old tunes, mainly Rajanikantha’s  “Parvaagilla baarakka” ,the effect  gets amplified with Arjun Janya being the singer for both these songs .Nevertheless  this  number could still appease the front benchers.

In a nutshell Dove album is a chartbuster , a position that it could attain with the 2 melodies and the rest  which easily pass the muster.


Namrating : 3.5/5

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