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AUDIO REVIEW : Different Uppi2

After pairing up with Harikrishna for Super,Upendra has gone back to his soulmate Gurukiran for Uppi2 project. We can recall that Upendra songs had created a huge rage 15 years back. Uppi has this fantastic mindset of believing in his team, of which Gurukiran plays a pivotal role. Off late, Gurukiran was looking down the barrel, what with Harikrishna and Arjun Janya being the most trusted music directors in sandalwood.

Uppi2 is a comeback of sorts for Gurukiran. Let’s the review the music and check if he could break the shackles.

Song Name: Yochne Madbeda
Singer: Vijay Prakash

A good catchy composition. Like the title suggests, the song is a philosophical take on the things that we should not be bothered about. The song carries good beats throughout and Vijay prakash’s energetic voice gives required punch to the song. Yochne Maadbeda bit can become a catchy phrase in the near future.

Song Name: Uppittu Uppi 2 (Promotional Song)
Singer: Puneeth Rajkumar

Another catchy composition but here the lyrics is comparatively smarter. Uppi has tried to blend what Uppi2 (film) offers, with the preparation of Uppittu in the song. So the metaphorical words and the puns used make good sense. The music in between could have been better. Puneeth’s clear voice also makes it more spicy.

Song Name: Ivnyaaro Different
Singer(s): Chaitra and Nitin Rajaram Sasthry

Like other songs, this song too has a story to tell. This song is about the Upendra’s character in the movie, which is considered to be ‘different’. The dialogues in between, is the highlight of the song. Upendra has tried to explain things from a different philosophical perspective. Chaitra voice suits perfectly and has sung very well. The devotional bit sung by Nitin is also good and the composition is equally good.

Song Name: Baekoo Baekoo
Singer(s): GuruKiran/Nakash

Another interesting composition from Gurukiran. The highlight of the song is that it carries a particular good musical bit, which has been played using different instruments. Music might seem kinda old but the lyrics again uplifts the song. Both versions are good but Nakash’s version seems more peculiar and he has done a good job.

Song Name: No Excuse Me Please
Singer: Upendra

A new style of rap and the music stands out as the best in the album. Certainly a very fresh composition. Lyrics is another plus/minus point of the song. While some dialogues/lyrics are written by breaking the fourth wall, this rap song is written by completely destroying the fourth wall. The song has been written without any filter and it sounds very quirky but maybe the situation in the movie demands it. It should have been sung in a less lousy way though.

Uppi2 is considered to be the most expected movie of the year so the anticipation on the music album was definitely high. Upendra’s directional ventures are known for catchy & situational songs and this album doesn’t disappoint in that department. On the first hearing, it may sound less exciting but it is one of those albums which grows on you. Each song has its own theme. Upendra has penned the lyrics for all the songs and he has uplifted the album with smart and situational lyrics. While some musical bits seem routine, the overall composition is certainly different and Gurukiran has done a good job using good combination of instruments. Can be said as his best album in the recent years.

Rating – 3.5/5


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