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NC WOMEN’S DAY SPECIAL : Aishwarya Shindogi Interview

A warm welcome Aishwarya Shindogi (Simhadri fame) and wishing her a VERY HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY of behalf of Nam Cinema and its followers.

Nam Cinema: Firstly how important is it for you to have a women be independent ?
Aishwarya Shindogi: A women’s independence is as important as breathing! She is also a human and part of the society where she has all the rights to take her call. She has all the power to be independent and still a part of the world do not understand that and think women should be confined to Only house making chores which is really disheartening and should change.

Nam Cinema: Strong message there ! So, who has been your inspiration – any field ?
Aishwarya Shindogi: I do not really have an inspiration. But yes one of my favorite personality has been Actress Lakshmi, she is so beautiful lady who actually set trends during the era of 70’s and 80’s and that to me was very bold thing from a women given the era it was.

Nam Cinema: People feel KFI is hero centric – what is your take on that ?
Aishwarya Shindogi: Yes I do agree on that. KFI is hero centric, whereas in the other languages they are making heroine oriented movies which have been and are successful. In KFI we had some heroine oriented movies which didn’t go very well. The only solution to this is the people’s mindset has to change and should accept all kind of movies. And the crowd of Karnataka has to understand that quality of the movie is important and not just the hero and its heroism. They have to start supporting heroines in equal to heroes. The directors and producers too should pitch in to make heroine oriented movies – which would be great a achievement.

Nam Cinema: So you want to act in heroine centric movie in future if offered ?
Aishwarya Shindogi: Yes I would love to ! Because in this generation both the hero and the heroine share an equal role in making of the movie. Then why should there be so much in difference between hero and heroine in terms of respect, remuneration and other things ? So I would definitely love to act in a good heroine based movie.

Nam Cinema: Fair enough ! So before we end – any messages to you would like to convey on womens day ?
Aishwarya Shindogi: women’s day is not just for women it is also for men who should understand to give respect to women in all walks of life. Treat her with love and affection and see her like an angel and not just a toy. A women is a mother, sister, daughter without whom a man’s life has no meaning! Happy women’s day to everyone.

That was very well summarized – thank you Aishwarya Shindogi and we wish you a successful career ahead.

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