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Guddu Adda

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:14 am
by Goodman
Watched Kathe-Chitrakathe-Nirdeshana-Puttanna movie at rockline on sunday - 3rd Jan 2016.

Its a remake of telgu movie geethanjali I suppose.Its mild horror come comedy thriller movie.Director srinivas raju has ended up giving a average stuff overall.Just one average devotional song in second half.
Lot of monotonous scenes showing the same graveyard, same apartment makes the movie boring many times.
Komal, Priyamani, Ravi shankar,Kuri prathap,prashanth siddiqui all have performed good.
BGM by Arjun janya is just OK.
Story is pretty good but execution and narration could have been much more better.

Over all average stuff: 2.25/5

Re: Guddu Adda

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:05 pm
by Goodman
Watched DevaraNadali @ Rockline on 5th Feb ( friday) night 7 PM Show.

Good attempt from B Suresh to showcase our society especially the political system,Castism, Minorities/majorities clash and distinguish etc.
Movie story happends at coastal region of karnataka.Many characters speak various different language linked to those places like tulu,marathi,konkani etc.
BGM from hamsalekha is still fresh like it was in 90s and also couple of songs(most of them bit songs).Prakash Rai acting is good as a cop.
Even other characters have been etched well by B Suresh. Also was shocked to see that this one is based on real life story.
Must watch for movie buffs.

Overall rating: 3.3/5

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Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:12 pm
by Goodman
Watched Bhagyaraj @ Rockline on 6th Feb ( saturday) morning show.
Very good try from the new comer director Deepak Madhuvanahalli. Entire movie is very fresh and gives a mesmerizing feeling.Special thanks to music director Anoop sileen for the fresh songs and effective BGM in all the scenes.
The double meaning dialogues are rib tickling at places. Major draw back of the movie is that it is slow in narration which does not suits to this subject which deals with bank robbery, lottery duplicate notes mafia.

All characters look very natural which happens in a town called Ramapatana.Loose madha appears in a special guest appearance song called "Mangana kaili manikya... " .
Over good refreshing movie for its fresh narration.

Overall rating: 3.6/5

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Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:39 pm
by Goodman
Watched Priyanka @ bharathi theatre yesterday - 7th Feb 2016.

One more thriller from Dinesh babu after amruthavarshini. It looks like modern Amruthavarshini.Priyanka was just avg in her performance where as other characters rocked. Especially the Tejus character as Priyanka;s lover boy and Prakash Rai character as cop with comedy touche rocked.
Shivdwaj acted well as innocent loving husband. BGM is too good and at places it is excellent.

Songs are the main draw back and show stopper for this movie.

Over all its a good watch.

Over all rating: 3.5/5

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Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:11 pm
by Goodman
Watched SHIVALINGA @ rOCKLINE on friday - 12th Feb 2016 , 4 PM show.

Coming to the movie good try by director P Vasu in his routine horro/thriller genre.
Very good, tight screenplay movie barring 1-2 flaws( eg: Murderer getting out of train at mandya where as murder happens at sri rangapatna which is one stop ahead of mandya).Its a seat edger movie where you wont know who killed the muslim biryani guy rahim and for what reason till the climax. This point keep you hooked to the screen especially.

Coming to the performances as usual Shivanna stands out compared to others with his fabulous performance with super screen presence. Urvashi comedy timing clicks though it sounds kiddish.Vedikha does a decent job as wife and as devva.P Vasu son as muslim biryani guy also does a good job in acting.Avinash also rocks in a nice little cameo.

Camera work seems to be bit odd and the quality feel like just abv avg.Editing is good but cud have been more sharper as well. BGM by V Hari krishna is just apt.Songs sound avg on screen and does not impress much. Fights are just passable.

Over all a nice family thriller entertaining movie barring few ignorable negatives.

Over all rating: 3.4/5

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Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:33 pm
by Goodman
Watched GBSM movie last week @ rockline.Was busy so cud not put the review here.

Coming to the movie, its a good experiment from the newbie director.Also the bgm is very apt to the subject and mood of the movie.
Ananth nag has given a stunning performance here with a very rare and unique role in his career.
Even the villain role played guy vasista has done good job along with shruthi. Rakshith shetty is just Ok as usual.

The lighting , camera work , editing everything is synced nicely one to one and gives a nice impact to the movie.
Many scenes are emotional and audience will feel them, which is one of the major plus for the movie.
Songs are also unique with being played in the background.

Over all rating: 3.75/5

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Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:36 pm
by Goodman
Watched THITHI movie 2 times.
One of the most naturalistic movie I have ever seen with almost tending to ZERO cinematic feel.
Its evergreen classic of all time among all the so called art/bridge/off beat movies.
Gadappa character haunts you for ever and ever and ever.....
Almost all characters have performed naturally.
Very very engaging movie even without background music, dance, fights, item song,etc.

Must watch for all movie buffs.

Rating: 10/5

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Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:36 pm
by Gowtham
Guddu always unpredictable . . Expected 10/5 from him for high emotional scenes of GBSM

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Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:21 pm
by Goodman
Many scenes are emotional in GBSM :(( :((
Infact I cried for 2 scenes
1) datanna telling rakshith abt his father.His father gave him kidney etc
2) Ananth nag explaining abt his wife pushpa and his love , marriage to shruthi hassan.

But as a package THITHI was more effective with dark black humour like soori movie :-B

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Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:27 am
by Goodman
Watched ZOOm at rockline on sunday.

Very good adult sex comedy movie. Complete time pass.
2 fights are also rocking along with the songs and picturization as well.

Sadhu rib tickles with double meaning dialogues along with other characters in the movie.

Out and out masala movie.

3.75/5 :jump: :jump:

Re: Guddu Adda

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:36 am
by Goodman
Watched Kalpana-2 at Rockline on saturday.

Good and loud entertainer with lot of horror scenes which are over board most of the times.
Arjun janya has done a terrific job in BGM and it lifts the movie to a greater extent.
Also songs are enjoyable with there catchy tunes and picturization.

Uppi looks very fresh in this movie. Priyamani is gud in her cameo role. Avathikha shetty is just ok ok.
Also the camera work is amazing.Even editing is very brisk and pacy in the horror scary scenes.
Comedy is OK OK...

Over all decent entertainer if u keep the logic and "reality" aside only O:-)

Rating: 3.5/5

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Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:50 pm
by Timba
sultan hegitthu guddu .. 8-)